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Romania is a country in the continent of Europe. It is geographically located in the east of Europe and shares borders with Hungary to the northwest, Ukraine to the north, the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, Bulgaria to the south and Serbia to the southwest. Most of Romania’s eastern border is taken up by the Black Sea coast.

This post covers Romania’s geographic location, plus some interesting facts about Romania.

where is romania location

Where is Romania Located?

Romania is located in the continent of Europe. It lies in the Northern Hemisphere 46 degrees north of the equator and 25 degrees east of the prime meridian (Greenwich merdian, London). Romania is in Southeastern Europe.

where is romania in europe
Romania location, Europe map

As such, it is approximately halfway between the equator and the north pole. Romania is north of the Tropic of Cancer, so is not a tropical country.

Romania is east of Hungary, north of Bulgaria, south of Ukraine and west of the Black Sea.

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, is on the same latitude as Montreal Canada, Portland Oregon and Bordeaux France, along with Venice Italy.

How Big is Romania?

Romania is roughly the same size as the US state of Oregon. The area of the country of Romania is 238,391 km² or 92,043 square miles. The state of Oregon is slightly larger at 98,000 square miles (250,000 km2).

For comparison Australia is much bigger at 7 692 024 km2 and Texas is also much larger at 695,662 km².

Romania is also roughly the same size, by area as the UK. The UK is slightly bigger at 243,610 km²

What Region is Romania In?

Romania is in Southeastern Europe, a subregion of the continent of Europe.

Is Romania in NATO?

Yes, Romania is a member of NATO. Romania joined NATO on March 29th 2004.

Is Romania in the EU?

Romania is in the EU and joined on 1st of January 2007. Romania does not use the Euro, the currency of the EU, and is not a Schengen area member country. Romania has its own currency still, the Leu or Ron.

How Far is Romania From Ukraine?

Romania and Ukraine lie side by side, sharing a border. The distance from the capital of Romania, Bucharest to the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv the distance between the two would be 916 km or approximately a 12.5 hour drive. Crossing through the country of Moldova is the fastest route from Bucharest to Kyiv (Kiev).

What is the Capital of Romania?

The capital of Romania is Bucharest. Which is in the southeast of Romania towards the Bulgaria border. Bucharest is the cultural, industrial, and financial capital of Romania and is Romania’s largest city in Romania. It lies on the banks of the Dâmbovița River.

The population of Bucharest was 1,785,000 in 2022 and the population of the city has been declining. The city of Bucharest has an area of  226 km2 or 87 square miles.

Bucharest is home to the biggest Romanian airport, Henri Coandă International Airport, which is about 17 km north of the city.

Where is Romania on The World Map

Romania location on world map
Romania on a map of the world (approximate)

Was Romania Part of Russia?

Romania was occupied by Soviet troops in 1944 to become a satellite part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) in 1948. Romania was under communist rule between 1948 until 1989 when Nicolae Ceaușescu was overthrown. Free elections were held in 1990 and Romania is now a semi-presidential representative democratic republic.

Is Romania a Third-World Country?

Romania is not a third-world country. There are various definitions of this term based on politics and economy. By some definitions to be a third-world country, that country must have not had an alliance with the U.S. or the former Soviet Union during the cold war. By other definitions, Romania is a second-world country. In fact, Romania is a high-income country with a strong economy.

Romania is a great country, full of interesting historic and cultural attractions along with beautiful landscapes and incredible wildlife. Romania is a popular vacation destination in Europe, in summer or for winter sports. Bucharest is just one city in Romania which you should visit. Other highlights of Romania include Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Sighisoara, Turda, and of course, the region of Transylvania, home to Dracula.

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