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Romania is a great country for a vacation, bursting with history, culture, good food and cool places to see and go. How to plan a vacation in Romania? Where should you go in Romania and which are the hottest vacation destinations in beautiful Romania? Also, where should you stay on your Romanian vacation and what, exactly is a Romanian pension? We cover all of this Romania information in our post on the Romania Travel and Vacation website.

Plan a Vacation in Romania

Where to Go on Vacation in Romania

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How to Get To Romania

Where are you travelling from? If you’re flying from the US to romania, that’s quite a journey. If you’re travelling to Romania from inside europe there will be good cheap flights on budget airlines, buses, trains, or you could drive.

what about getting to Romania from Asia, Australia, the Middle East or Africa? We’ll take a look at your transport options to Romania in this section.

How To Get To Romania From The US

How To Get To Romania From London

You can normally fly to Romania from Luton or Stanstead airports, direct, for $20-$30 or so in winter, around $80 to $100 in high season. These flights are usually on budget airlines like Wizz or Ryanair, and you can fly to Cluj Napoca, Oradea, Bucharest, Sibiu etc, at similar costs.

The flight time from London to airports in Romania is 2-3 hours.

You can also fly from London Heathrow to Bucharest, but this will be more expensive, from about $80 to $250.

It is possible to book a seat on a bus from London or the UK to Romania (or Romania to London). Both coaches and minibuses are available on these routes. The cost will likely be much more than the cost of the flight and the journey will take around 2 days.

You can drive from London to Romania by various routes, crossing the English Channel by ferry or going under it using the rail connection from Folkstone to Calais (the Eurotunnel) station. Cars can travel on some of these trains.

Europe’s rail network can also get you to Romania overland from the UK or London.

How To Get To Romania From The Middle East

How To Get To Romania From Europe

How To Get To Romania From Australia

Getting anywhere from Australia is expensive, we know, we live there now! Obviously, this varies and people in Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Sydney or the Gold Coast will have different flight options.

How to Travel Around in Romania on Vacation

Accommodation Options in Romania For Vacation

Hotels in Romania

Apartment Rentals in Romania

Pensions in Romania

Camping in Romania

If you like the idea of a camping vacation in Romania, that is possible too!

Ski Vacations in Romania

Beach Vacations in Romania

Tour Vacations in Romania

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